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Funny Birthday greetings

Watch your step!  You’ve just slipped on a banana peel and slid into Doozy Cards’ funny birthday eCards category, so prepare for some serious hilarity.  

Hey, watch out for that banana peel!  Here you’ll find a huge selection of funny and free birthday eCards that are peppered with our unique brand of comedy that has been carefully engineered by our silly scientists to ensure people of all ages laugh, laugh, laugh on their birthday.  

Whether you're looking to crack up your family members for their special day or send a friend a hilarious eCard, funny birthday greetings from Doozy Cards are perfect for bringing lots of laughs to the party!. These hilarious virtual birthday eCards are more fun than fourteen clowns and a singing seal in a tiny clown car.

Are you ready for some fun and silly birthday trivia? Birthdays were once occasions that were feared.  It’s not because we weren’t there to provide everyone with funny birthday e-Cards…  It was thought that evil spirits were more likely to accost an individual on the day of their birth over any other day of the year.  People, especially children, were encouraged to surround themselves with friends, lots of light, laughter, and homemade food to combat and befuddle the evil spirits.  It was believed that love, laughter, and happiness were so detestable to the evil spirits that they would stay far away from the birthday festivities. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that this superstition around evil spirits was let go and these joyous elements became simple birthday traditions. Thankfully we now have Doozy's free animated birthday greeting cards to ensure that any celebration is full of enough love, laughter and light that their special day is guaranteed to be free of evil spirits!

Doozy Cards is on the job to help you supply tons of laughter for any situation with our original and funny birthday eCards.  Our writers are seasoned performers, improvisation comedians and certified joke specialists.  They have received training at renowned comedy schools, including The Groundlings and I.O. West. These Hollywood institutions are theaters responsible for developing many of the Saturday Night Live cast members from the past and present, as well as celebrities involved in all sorts of artistic projects. We can assure you that we are not joking about the massive amount of talent that is working around the clock to bring you the most fun ecard s you’ve ever seen!

If you’re looking for free and funny birthday greeting cards, we have a whole cast of fun and funny characters ready to help you sdend your birthday wishes to everyone on your contact list. We've got singing pugs, a farting unicorn, and even a spiritual birthday wiener. Each one is a silly ecard all by itself. As entertaining as these happy ecards are individually, they’re endlessly entertaining when you send more than one! You can send as many free ecards as you’d like during your 10-day free trial!

We even have a whole series of free and funny happy birthday cards featuring an adorable fairy attempting to celebrate a birthday with demure poise and practiced skill, but each ends with exploding cupcakes, candle-filled dump trucks, or other hilariously heightened moments of comedy.

No happy birthday is complete without a delicious feast, and while we can’t promise not to start a food fight at your party, we solemnly swear to bring the laughs with our deliciously funny birthday greetings. After all, who could forget the legendary funk band Earth, Wings & Fire? This silly birthday ecard sends this barbecued band to boogie down in the inbox of your favorite person on their important day! 

If you can’t find quite the right card to tickle your funny bone, head on over to JibJab, and take a look at their selection!

Everyone in your life from close family, to your dearest friend, (and even the weird guy over at the office) will be delighted by Doozy’s happy birthday cards. No birthday celebration can be complete without one of those hearty belly laughs that leave your face sore from smiling, and keeps your favorite people thinking about you long after their big day is over. Delight them with a Doozy hilarious happy birthday card.  Send all your loved ones with a sense of humor funny birthday eCards at no charge, free with a ten-day trial membership.

Perhaps you’re looking for beautifully designed birthday greetings? We sincerely suggest you check out our Magical Fairy birthday eCard. The gorgeous bouquet of flowers are in place, the fresh fruits have been magically dipped in rich, dark chocolate, but little did we how dangerous those sweets can be. Prepare yourself for a sweet disaster in this delightful ecard greeting.

We invite the whole gang from our favorite diner, including the singing hamburger and the piano playing pickle to boogie down in Honky Tonk Burger Birthday, one of our musical animated birthday eCards. We just know your friends and family will relish the opportunity to ketchup with you when you send them this delectable display of rocking fun.

Whether you’re looking to delight a close family member, your dearest friend, or just that strange guy who works down the hall from you, you’re sure to delight them with Doozy’s funny happy birthday cards. Birthday celebrations aren’t complete without everyone enjoying a hearty belly laugh. Send all your loved ones with a sense of humor a silly birthday ecard, free with a ten-day trial membership.

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