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You can find Holiday greeting cards for every occasion at Doozy. Our warm and witty content coupled with vibrant animations provide you with what we consider to be the finest cards on the market today. Yes - you can find lots of free greeting cards online... with bland content, boring animations and tinny synthesized music. Why send one of those boring free ecards - when you can brighten someone's holiday with a Doozy of a greeting cards?


Animated Valentine Ecards & Free Valentine Cards

Make this Valentine’s Day different from past ones - Send Valentine's Day Ecards and free Valentine cards from Doozy Cards featuring witty words and luscious animations sure to warm the heart of the one you love. Valentine's Day - romance, chocolate, flowers, and cards... lots of cards. Each February, almost 200 million Valentine Cards, including ecards, are exchanged. View a selection of Doozy's Valentine Ecards. Send free Valentines day cards today!

Where It Began

There are various legends of St. Valentine and how Valentine’s Day came to be named for him. All the stories share a few common details. He was a Christian martyr in ancient Rome during the pre-Christian days of the Empire when the new religion was outlawed and its adherents punished by being thrown to the lions. Following is one of the origin stories of this highly celebrated holiday - Valentine’s Day.

History of Valentines Day

Valentine was a citizen of Rome, a teacher, and a Christian. He was imprisoned for his beliefs and sentenced to die by being thrown to the lions in the Coliseum. While he awaited his fate in the dungeon, he was visited everyday by a young girl. He tutored her in philosophy and they discussed the nature of divine love, and faith. With such an open dialogue their fondness for each other grew deep.

When the time of Valentine’s demise grew closer, the girl implored him to save himself. He responded, “What would be the value of my faith if I gave it up for my own convenience?”

On the day of his execution by lions, the girl came to him in his cell and asked him if he hated his tormentors. He answered, “We have been studying love, you and I. I will not give up my focus on love to hate anyone no matter what their actions toward me.” Tearfully the girl bade Valentine farewell as he went to his fate, but she took his teaching with her and to the rest of the world. It is for his emphasis on love that Valentine is honored by the holiday named for him.

By the Middle Ages, St. Valentine was one of the most popular Saints in England and France. The British Museum in London displays the oldest known greeting card in existence - a Valentine's Day Card from the 1400's.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with long stemmed roses, decadent chocolates, and special candlelit dinners for two. Some people may view Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday – but for those who have been struck by Cupid, it is a national holiday to celebrate the beauty of love. Valentine cards, Free Valentines day cards, love notes and small gestures are great ways to express your feelings. Choose from our wide assortment of fun, flirty and witty Valentine's Day Ecards to both express your feelings and brighten someone’s day.


Unique and special, these animated Valentine Ecards and free Valentine cards are one of a kind! Browse our selection today and see why a Doozy is worth receiving. Send free Valentines day cards today.

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