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Free Halloween eCards

Technically speaking, Halloween is the day before All Saints Day, and is basically a license to pull pranks on your family, friends and loved ones. It is also why Doozy Cards designed free Halloween ecards. This year’s crop of Halloween greetings is bigger and better than ever. 

There is a Halloween ecard for every member of your family: Mom, Dad, sister, brother, son, daughter, grandpa, grandma, even for boyfriend, girlfriend and boss. There are generic Halloween ecards for Him and for Her. We have scary Halloween greetings, Halloween ecards that talk, kids ecards for Halloween, as well as adult, musical, funny and animated Halloween greetings online.

Not only is the Halloween greeting selection bigger and better this year, the graphics and the japes are pretty awesome, too!

  • Franken-Toot is simply hilarious. Featuring Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy, the jack-o’-lanterns and the greeting at the end are the only giveaway that this is an ecard for Halloween. The gag, however, is popular and appropriate any time of year! The Gassy Dracula video ecard is for folk of a similar sense of humor.
  • Politicians are scary any time of year but in the Spooky Candidates free Halloween eCard they are positively bone-chilling!

As much as we at Doozy Cards would love to claim credit for originating the practice of sending Halloween greetings, we cannot. That accolade goes to the printers of Halloween postcards in Germany, England and the United States in the mid-1800s. The exchange of printed Halloween greetings was not limited to between friends. Businesses would send them similarly to the way they do now with pre-printed Christmas cards.

One year, customers of Western and Southern Life Insurance in Cincinnati, Ohio, were treated to the sight of a man wrapped in a white blanket and balancing a grinning jack-o’-lantern over his head, much to the distress of a young lady who happened to be crossing his path. Weatherbird Shoes assured its customers that their products would bring them good luck on Halloween.

Many vintage Halloween postcards feature delightful drawings and paintings of plump, red-cheeked children and pets, jack-o’-lanterns and wishes that the witches will be kind to the recipients of the Halloween greeting cards. Others are dark and disturbing, featuring devils with pitchforks approaching terrified pumpkins or stoking the fires inside a giant carved jack-o’-lantern. By the way, when a witch and an owl are seen together on October 31, this is a sign that there is mischief brewing.

Other Halloween ecards are just plain kooky, like the one depicting a parade of black cats wearing pointy hats and carrying hollowed-out pumpkins lined up to go trick-or-treating.

Original, printed Halloween postcards typically sell for anything between $20 and $600, while complete sets of originals may sell for as much as $1,000.

Why pay $600 for a printed Halloween greeting card when you can sign up for a free, 10-day trial of Doozy Cards! Your first 10 days of membership begin with your first free Halloween ecards. The only question now is, witch of the Halloween ecards will you send and to whooooooom?

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