Birthday Cupcake Surprise

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This animated ecard is set with the view of a table top with a bouquet of sunflowers, a cupcake, a bowl of berries, a pitcher of cake icing, a sugar shaker on a stick and a sweet little fairy wearing a tutu, holding a magic wand and flying with silk like wings is flying above the table. With her wand, she magically moves the pitcher and it pours the icing on the cupcake. She gets the pitcher to come back down on the table and then she does the same thing with the bowl of berries and they beautifully cover the cupcake top. She then magically gets the sugar shaker to come up and it shakes the sugar all over the cupcake. The sugar shaker goes back on the table with a swish of her wand. Our fairy flies next to the cupcake and with her wand, a candle appears on the cupcake. She tries to light it up but it explodes all over our fairy and the screen! Our fairy slides down the gooey screen and the words “hope your birthday is a blast. Happy Birthday!” and in small character at the bottom of the screen “no actual fairies were harmed in the making of this e-card.”
Birthday Cupcake Surprise