Singing Pugs Birthday eCard

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The card begins with a light blue envelope with a yellow sticker that lifts off, letting the envelope open up and coming out of the envelope is a card with 3 adorable pugs with teal blue tuxedo jackets with black lapels, white shirt and black bowtie. The main singer is in the middle is moving the the beat and all three pugs are snapping their fingers to the beat. The 2 back vocal singers bend down and come back up with pointy birthday hats in red, yellow and purple and put them each on their head still snapping their fingers. The 2 back vocal singers pick up streamers and toss them in the air and they hand around the card. They then pick up a yellow banner that says “Happy Birthday” in blue and hang it at the top of the card and do the same thing with colorful confettis, throwing them up in the air. Then all three pugs bend down and when they come back up, the main singer is holding a pink cake with lit candles, one back vocal singer is holding gifts boxes, pink and green and the third pug comes up with pink blue green orange and purple balloons. There are so many balloons that they take the third pug up in the air and we only see his feet dangling at the top right of the card.
Singing Pugs Birthday eCard