Birthday Chicken Band

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The card begins with the view on a red barn with a white silo with a red top, surrounded with green pasture, bails of hay surrounded by a fence, the sun is shining in the background and trees are in the horizon. There is a large door opening in the barn facing us where we see the forms of 3 chickens standing up. As the song begins we see 3 fantastic looking chickens with large white and black feathers on their head, 2 playing guitar and the third one on a keyboard with the brand name “Cockadoodleha” on it and an amplifier next to the keyboard. There is red, yellow and green lighting around them. The main chicken singer has a black feather body and has a 4 strand red and white stone choker. The second chicken has a body of white and black feathers and the third one has black and beige feathers. All three look like rock’n rollers. As they move their heads, the feathers on their head sway from side to side. Halfway in the song, 4 brown female chickens walk by the stage carrying a white cake with pink decorations and colorful sprinkles and lit candles on top of the cake as a large “Happy Birthday” banner appears behind the Chicken band on stage as the lady chickens dance to the beat of the song.
Birthday Chicken Band