Country Singing Birthday Cake

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This ecard opens on a table made of a bale of hay with red and white checker print along with 3 cans of whipped cream sitting on it, two banners hanging with the letters in red and blue spelling happy birthday all on the yellow background the whole with a country barn feel. As we hear chickens clucking we get a closeup of the table, a white cake with light blue piping wearing a cowboy hat and boots, with stick arms with hands wearing white gloves and legs, drawn eyes and mouth walks on the table and begins to sing. As he begins to sing, the 3 cans of whipped cream turn into 3 musicians two wearing long beards and all 3 wearing cowboy hats and dark sunglasses. As our birthday cake sings he moves his arms up and is side to side to the beat of the music, looks at the screen and lifts his cowboy hat when he sings one is special, puts his hat back on and lifts up both arms. Balloons rise up from behind the musicians and a pink slice of cake on a plate walks on stage with stick legs and off screen being followed by a glass of lemonade with a light blue straw and Cake sings and lifts up his hat up again then puts it back on. Cake goes on with the song moving his arms and dancing to the beat. As he says oh darlin’ a pretty cupcake with dark purple cupcake cup, peach icing with a candied flower and sprinkles on the icing, has pretty eyes and pink lips as well as purple stick arms and legs. Cake puts his arms around her as she giggles. We move to a pale turquoise background with the happy birthday banner along with the three whipped cream cans as guitar players appear and plays the last chords of the song as confettis fall from above.
Country Singing Birthday Cake