James Green's Happy Birthday Funk

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In front a pond with cattail leaves in it and around it are 5 standing frog musicians wearing pink jackets, 4 playing the saxophone and one a bass guitar. As the musicians play and tap their feet side to side enters our frog singing star sliding in on the stage on his knees, microphone in hand and wearing black hair and a yellow jacket with white stars on it as a spotlight shines on him. As he sings and moves side to side on the stage, the musicians play as they dance back and forth, our singer has the spotlight following him constantly even as he twirls around. He sings and dances and twirls around again and then keeps on dancing. He twirls one more time, turns around and dances lifting his left leg then his right leg. The song goes on and he keeps on dancing and singing with the background frog playing away. The song ends and our singer falls to his knees and the final banner “Happy Birthday” appears on the screen.
James Green's Happy Birthday Funk