Birthday Dancing Joe Biden

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This ecard begins with the words “for your birthday” in blue at the middle of the screen and the edge of the screen is blue with little gold stars and a red line and the whole of the back screen is white. The words change to “the Presidents of the United States” appears then change to “wants to dance!!”. The screen changes to a photo head of Joe Biden and his body is an animated drawing and he wears a black jacket, white shirt and green tie, red white and blue shorts and white socks. He stands in a room with dark blue walls, red white and blue balloons at the right side of the screen and a high table at the background with loads of gifts and a banner above the scene with the words Happy Birthday. President Biden’s clothes change to a white suit with vest, black opened shirt with gold chain and black shoes and the words disco appears at the left side as he dances away! Then as the music changes to country western, his outfit changes to a dark red plaid shirt with yellow neck ribbon tie, jeans, cowboy hat, cowboy boots and he dances the jig. The music changes to salsa and he wears tall waisted black pants, white shirt with lavender at the bottom, long sleeves with lavender color frills at the wrists and he holds and plays maracas as he dances. Next to the Brazilian Carnival he wears a fantastic feather wings costume with tall boots and gold mask as he shimmies away! Michael Jackson is next as he wears a red pair of pants and shirt with black trimming and does the moon walk. Next to the Korean Fan dance and he wears a long yellow and red robe, a small gold ornament on his and and holds green fans in his hands and moves the fans as he dances to the music. Finally back to his wearing a black jacket, white shirt and green tie, red white and blue shorts and white socks as well as a pink part hat. He holds a two tiered orange and purple cake with lit candles as he dances and confettis fall from above.
Birthday Dancing Joe Biden