Chester Chipmunk Birthday by Dionne Warwick

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The setting of this animated birthday ecard is in a lovely forest with tall trees and as Dionne Warwick begins the story of this ecard, we get a closeup of Chester the chipmunk wearing an orange pointy party hat with a 3 tiered cake sitting on a tree trunk, one orange, one pink and one yellow tier, gifts colorfully wrapped and each with ribbons, flowers and Chester is standing in front of a small latter that reaches the cake. Chester decorates the cake and climbs up a tree branch that bends down so he can put the one large candle on the cake top. We then get a full view of the forest, cake and Chester on the branch. The branch flips back up sending Chester up in the air as Dionne says oops! The final banner comes down around the cake with the words have a fun birthday with lovely flowers surrounding the banner as well as each side of the screen.
Chester Chipmunk Birthday by Dionne Warwick