Penguin Party

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On a stage with dark red velvet curtains, two iceberg decorations at the left and right of the stage with a few gifts in front of them, we see 4 penguins wearing top hats and bright color bowties. One of the penguins is holding a cane and one is shorter than the 3 other penguins. As they begin to sing, the two penguins on the left lift their right wing up, moving to a close-up to one of the penguins and they begin to dance a little as they sing. They continue singing as we pan from left to right of the stage we get a close up on the low voice singing penguin who is the shortest penguin. They all lift up their top hats showing colorful party hats as balloons fly up in front of them. Suddenly a very big three tiered pink cake with candles slides onto the right side of stage in front of the 4 penguins with all the candles lit and it then slides off stage to the left. The penguin with the came moves forward dancing and twirling the cane. He moves back and all the penguins are singing together bopping slightly up and down. When they sing “Happy Birthday” the two penguins in the middle move forward then bend down to pick up a pink banner that they throw at the top of the stage on the curtains; the banner says “Happy Birthday!”. The curtain goes up and the large pink cake is revealed with all its candles lit and 3 of the 4 penguins have their wings up and we close-up on the shorter penguin ends the song with his low notes and back to the full scene with the 4 penguins on the stage.
Penguin Party