Malties Anniversary for My Spouse

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The card begins with a lilac colored envelope with a pink heart sticker. The heart sticker lifts off, letting the envelope open up and coming out of the envelope is a card with 3 adorable white Maltese female dogs, the main singer wearing a light blue dress with puffed short sleeves and a strand of pearls at their neck one back vocal singer’s dress is pink and the other one is purple. The main singer has two little red bows at the top of her ears, a red belt and red long gloves. One back vocal singer has a pink bow at the top of her head and pink gloves and the other one has a purple bow at the top of her head and purple long gloves. As they sing, one back vocals Maltese bends down and as she comes up she throws confettis followed by the other back vocals Maltese who does the same with streamers. At the end of the card, a cat dressed in a light teal colored tuxedo suit and a matching fancy hat with a bow flies up holding to a large bunch of colorful balloons and as he blows kisses pink hearts appear, the three malties go down and disappear from the screen and come back up each holding a beautiful purple bouquet. There is a pink banner at the top back of the card saying “Happy anniversary to you my love”. More confettis begin to fall and the cat flies off the top of the card.
Malties Anniversary for My Spouse