Lizard Romance

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Our very green Lounge Lizard with his big green bulbous eyes is on stage at his white piano with sheet music on the music stand under a large spotlight, as he wears a white suit, white shirt, black bowtie, black shoes and his long tail trailing on the floor behind his stool. We get a close-up of his face and he then begins to sing. Panning out onto a lizard couple dancing together, she is wearing a pink dress, red lipstick and has orange hair and her body is of tan color, he has a black tuxedo jacket on with white shirt and black bowtie and his body color is light blue. Both have a long lizard tail. In the background is our Lizard is playing and singing. We get a close up of the couple’s face. She opens and closes her eyes that have long eyelashes. Next scene the couple is on a row boat on the water and they are holding hands as the moon shines above and fireflies fly around them making light golden sparkles shine and attached to the row boat with a rope is a floating platform with our Lizard at his white piano with 2 green frogs sitting on the piano watching him play. Fireflies fly around him leaving golden sparkles around our pianist. Next scene, our couple is skying downhill. They each are wearing a scarf - hers is purple and his is orange. They are following with our Lizard also coming downhill as his piano has skis. Two small snowmen are sitting on the piano and lizard keeps playing as he skis down. They we are underwater where the couple is snorkeling and we see a close-up of their faces. As they snorkel we see purple and turquoise striped fish swimming around them and our lizard also wearing a snorkeling equipment with his piano also underwater and a red crab on his piano. Two purple octopuses take center stage in the water and then we have a close-up of our couple face to face and banner saying “You’re the one”.
Lizard Romance