English Garden Anniversary Ecard

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This animated ecard is set in a beautiful garden and at its center is a large off white fountain surrounded by tall green trees, a mountain in the background and in the fountain are 2 white swans at end end of the of the fountain. There are pink water lilies in the water and as the card begins, the swans swim in the opposite side of the fountain and pause at each end. As a red cardinal flies over the fountain and lands at the its top, more beautiful water lilies appear in the fountain as well as tall calla lilies with green leaves. As the cardinal flies off, roses in pink, orange and yellow appear and go into full bloom on the fountain. An orange butterflies flies to the fountain and lands at its top and baby’s breath appear at the top of the fountain and round the roses. The orange butterfly flies off and is followed by a yellow butterfly. As the final banner appears with the words happy anniversary in white letters with an orange pink background, flowers appear and bloom, baby’s breath and green leaves at the top of the trees as well as at the bottom of the screen.
English Garden Anniversary Ecard