Earth Wings & Fire Fathers Day

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This singing & musical animated ecard is set at a concert from “Earth Wings and Fire” and the performer are chicken wings with faces, arms and legs and all 7 characters are wearing party hats. The card opens with a full screen announcing the band “Earth Wings & Fire”. Next, we are in the venue and the stage is on a table with a red and white checkered tape cloth. Two of the musicians have guitars, one is on keyboard, one on saxophone and the main singer has a beard and wears a white short jacket. As they sing, the musicians dance side to side, moving to the beat and smiling. At time we get closeups of the main singer and each musician. At the end of the song, we get a closeup of the main singer singing the last words of the son as the final banner appears above him with the words “Happy Father’s Day”.
Earth Wings & Fire Fathers Day