Father's Day Dancing Doggies

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The scene begins with a red tool box with a yellow bow at the center of the stage. As the music begins, the tool box opens up revealing a stage with lights, red velvet curtains at each side of the stage. Blue curtains comes down in the background and a pug on his hind legs dressed as a football appears on the stage. He tap dances and on the right side of the stage, a chihuahua dressed in a beer can joins him and tap dances on his hind legs. He burps and a long cane comes out from the left side of the stage and hooks him around the neck and takes him off stage. A Yorkshire dog appears in a bbq ribs costume large sunglasses and tap dances moving close to our pug football. As they dance, the chihuahua dressed as a beer can is hanging upside down and lowered down in mid-air smiling and raises his eyebrows up and down and he is lifted off the screen. From the left side enters a bulldog dressed as a Sports Illustrated magazine joins the 2 other dogs and they tap dance away as the chihuahua flies on stage sitting on a swing with golden ropes swinging in front of the 3 dancing dogs from left to right then falls off stage and a stream of beer flows onto the stage and into the beer bocks that appeared magically in the hands of the 3 dancing dogs. The 3 dogs drink the beer, our chihuahua reappears in the forefront with the final banner happy father’s day.
Father's Day Dancing Doggies