Honky Tonk Hamburger

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We see an old style diner at dawn, in the parking lot there is old turquoise Plymouth, a motorcycle, a purple mustang, red antique corvette and yellow charger. There is a very tall sign with the Diner’s name on it and another black sign with red fluorescent lights spelling Diner. We move into the diner and are at the counter where a pickle with a green and white pointy party hat with arms and legs and googly eyes, white cowboy boots stands in front of a piano with sheet music and a box of napkins behind the piano and Pickle begins to play. The counter has a red and white striped pack of French fries with a red plastic bottle of ketchup and another one yellow mustard standing on each side of the French fries. In the background, behind the counter, there is a sign with a list of Birthday specials, glasses on a shelf and glass container with green, red and blue sprinkles, a glass container with muffins and pastries, a malt machine, a coffee sign. A large burger with arms, legs, googly eyes, white cowboy boots and a red and white striped pointy party hat comes walks on the counter and sings while moving his arms and dancing a little but as the French fries become the back vocal singers, wearing pink pointy party hats and makeup on their eyes and lipstick as well. Burger goes on singing while walking side to side on the counter. He points his finger to you when singing “you’re strong and are fearless”. A pink cupcake with lighter pink polka dots on her cupcake liner, red lipstick pink cowboys boots and gloves as well as a lit link and white candle on her head walks next to Burger as he sings “here’s my little sweetie”. As Pickle plays and is smiling, the piano lightly jumps up and down. A stream of balloons come up from behind the counter and a purple banner appears with “Happy Father’s Day!” written on it.
Honky Tonk Hamburger