Country Singing Steak

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The ecard begins with a closeup to a black colored charcoal barbecue grill with 3 sausage cooking on the grill with the burning charcoal under the grill. As the music begins, a large steak with stick arms with hands wearing white gloves and legs, drawn eyes and mouth is wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. When he says “boys” the 3 sausages come to life and they are 3 musicians two wearing long beards and all 3 wearing cowboy hats and dark sunglasses. Two of them play guitar and one is on percussion. As our steak sings he moves his arms up and is side to side to the beat of the music. When he sings hope it has sizzle, he walks on the grill looking down at the burning charcoal and turns arounds lifting up his cowboy hat. As he stops singing in the middle of the song, the two guitar players flip their guitars around and Steak is joined by a light blue smiling bowl of coleslaw that walks across the grill and off screen. Next a tall glass of lemonade with a straw and a sign saying hi dad! also walks on the grill then offscreen as the guitar players flip their guitars around again. When Steak sings for what that you do, he lifts up both arms and holding his cowboy hat in one hand and puts his hat back on pointing at the screen with both hands when it sings appreciates you. A lady skirt steak wearing a cowboy hat, pink cowboy boots and gloves, a fringed skirt and red lipstick appears on the scene and Steak hugs her as he says my little skirt steak. Both jump up and down when Steak stays happy Father’s day and she winks at the screen as they are both smiling. We move to a pale turquoise background with the words happy father’s day! in green letters as one of our bearded sausage guitar player appears and plays the last chords of the song.
Country Singing Steak