The Gizzard of Oz

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This ecard opens with the title “the gizzard of Oz” and a written introduction to the ecard: “Gobblinda of the North tells Dorothy how to return to Kansas…” We move on to the next frame where 4 turkeys are dressed as Dorothy with a light blue dress and a blue bow on her head, the Lion, Tin man, Scarecrow. A large pink bubble appears and Gobblinda the good witch dressed in a sparkling light pink dress, high hat with stars on top and a star on her forehead holding a magic wand with a star at the top appears among them. Gobblinda gobbles the words “you had the power to go home all along.” To which Dorothy replies: “Toto too?” Gobblinda replies:”Totally Toto to!”. Dorothy days goodbye to her 3 friends, kissing them each one at a time. After the goodbyes, Gobblinda says to Dorothy:”Now click your heels together 3 times and repeat there’s no place like home.” We see a close-up of Dorothy’s ruby red shoes as she clicks them. As she clicks, little stars appear on her shoes. We move to the next screen where we see Dorothy at the center with her eyes closed and on each side of her are the Lion and Gobblinda. Dorothy repeats there’s no place like home again and again. Moving to the next scene we see a Thanksgiving table with dishes, wine glasses, lit candles and in the middle of the table lies a large cooked turkey wearing sparkling ruby red shoes. The final banner appears with the words happy Thanksgiving!
The Gizzard of Oz