The Godturkey

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This is a turkey parody of the famous movie the Godfather and in this ecard all the characters are turkeys. The first screen shows the words the godturkey in the same font as the movie which includes a hand holding a puppet strings holder. Next frame we are on a farm with a large red barn in the background with a white fence and windmill. Fading into the inside of the GodTurkey’s office with him sitting at his desk with a lit lamp, window behind him with slate shades as he wears a black suit, white shirt and black tie. He has 2 body guards standing at each side of the desk each wearing a grey suit jacket, white shirt and black tie. Fredo is standing at the front of the desk looking at the GodTurkey, wearing a white jacket with gray shirt and black tie. As the GodTurkey says “I don’t want to see you around the barn” one of his bodyguards opens his jacket and pulls out his gun. The scene fades to a black screen to be followed by a Thanksgiving table with plates, wine glasses, cranberry bowls, lit candles and Fredo at the center as the cooked turkey. The final banner appears at the top of the ecard with the words Happy Thanksgiving to you once again with the same font as in the movie.
The Godturkey