Thanksgiving Twerky

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The scene opens on a couple of trees in a forest with 2 blue birds sitting on branches as autumn leaves fall and swirl around the trees. We pan downward and see more blue birds and leaves falling and we finally get to the ground with leaves strewed on the ground creating a beautiful autumnal mosaic. In the leaves there is a cellphone beeping. Three curious chipmunks approach the cellphone as well as a turkey. The turkey gets closer to the phone and stops looking at it curiously. The turkey looks down on the phone and pecks it. It pecks it again and again and as the dance music begins to the turkey and chipmunks surprise! The turkey turns around, fans its back feathers and begins twerking and the chipmunks follow suit! More chipmunks join them under the eyes of several bluebirds. The final banner appears with the words “happy twerky day”.
Thanksgiving Twerky