Jazzy Menorah

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This Hanukkah ecard begins with a large menorah sitting on the floor by a window and as the music begins, a line up of nine vintage looking white candles wearing blue shoes and gold gloves begin to file in at the music beat on the screen and at the middle of the lineup, one of the candles is wearing a straw hat. They then all face us dancing up and down, arms side to side and the candle with the straw hat is in front of the lineup. We get a close up of the candle with the straw haw and a few dancers behind and go back to full view of the complete lineup. As they go on dancing, one by one the pop up in the air and land in the menorah and our candle with the hat removes their hat showing that their wick is lit. They throw their hat to the menorah and the hat touches the wick of each candle lighting them one by one and as each candle gets lit, they open their arm and smile. Our last candle pops in at the middle of the menorah and next, all with their arms down, they smile and swing to the music side to side on the menorah and the final banner appears with the words Happy Hanukkah!
Jazzy Menorah