R&B Maccabees

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This ecard begins with a lit menorah on the right side of the screen and next to it are the words “smooth Hanukkah” R7B Maccabees & Nights of Oil Temple records. As the music begins, we see 3 maccabees with dark beards, yellow berets, one has blue square sunglasses, 2 have white jackets and one is in his white shirt and wearing suspenders. In the background, a large synagogue stands and the words of the song appear at the bottom of the screen. As the continue to sing, their clothes change to a blue jacket, one maccabee with a dark green suit and the white shirt changes to a blue shirt with a red tie. The background changes to a large menorah and then returns to the synagogue, to large white columns as we get close ups of one of the maccabees, two maccabees and then all three reappear together. At the last line happy Hanukkah, the final banner appears at the bottom of the screen with the words Happy Hanukkah in blue on a white background and a large menorah stands at the top right of the screen.
R&B Maccabees