Halloween Sneeze

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The card opens on a witch, a vampire, Frankenstein and a mummy walking behind one after another on small town street at night with the moon crescent in the sky. They keep walking and we then get a close-up of the moon, and the moon blows a powerful wind out of her mouth which creates a dark and dirty wind filled with dead leaves and dirt that reaches the witch, vampire, Frankenstein and mummy. They all cough and the wind takes away the mummy’s bandages, Frankenstein’s head is blown open and we see his brain, the vampire turns into a bat and, finally Frankenstein’s head fall on the floor, and o great surprise, the witch tuns into a young sexy witch with blonde hair, a short pink dress, pink shoes and pink pointy hat. The witch whistles and her broom with a black cat sitting at the end of it, flies at the top of the card and finally stops next to her. She jumps and sits on the broom, flies up to the moon and she waves her wand to the moon crescent which turns into a full moon. The witch blows a kiss to the moon and the moon finally smiles. The final banner appears at the bottom of the card with the words have a happy halloween.
Halloween Sneeze