Funky Royal Family

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This musical animated ecard begins with a view of the Balmoral castle and the words at the center of the screen read “a royal birthday celebration in your honor at Balmoral Castle”. A Range Rover with gifts on top arrive with Prince William at the wheel and a sports car with a large cake driven by Prince Harry pulls next to Prince William, both wearing party hats and waving. Next, they are in front of the castle dancing to the music. Next, Prince Charles in purple pants, yellow sweater and red platform shoes and Camilla wearing a sexy red dress appear and join in the dance. Coming out from the castle windows are Queen Elizabeth with her crown and Prince Phillip wearing a bearskin hat with a party hat on top join in from the windows. Princes Edward and Andrew appear on other windows dressed as guards with bearskin hats and also join in the dancing from the windows. Two corgis appear with a 5 tiered cake, they put the cake down and join in the dance. Two elks appear and also join in the dance as balloons come down from the sky and the words happy birthday you rule! appear.
Funky Royal Family