Dumptruck Candles B-day

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There is a table with a burgundy table cloth and 4 colorful bows at the front of the table with a 2 tiered cake with orange frosting at the bottom, pink flower decoration on the bottom tier, pink and yellow decorations on the top tier. There is a beautiful green glass vase with purple, pink and white lilac and green leaves. A pretty small fairy with wings dressed in a pink bustier with yellow tutu and wearing pink ballet slippers appears. The words “click on the cake to add candles” appears at the top of the card. The sweet fairy tries to make the candles appear with her wand but as the wand does not seem to work, she flies off screen and comes back with yellow candles holding them with her hands and arms as they are big for her. She swings her wand and sparkles come out of it and the candles are place on the cake. The following words appear:”oops looks like we need a few more. Please click on the cake again”. Our sweet fairy once again leaves the screen and comes back with a load of yellow and pink candles, throws them up in the air and they float and as she swings her wand, they land in the cake perfectly. The following words appear:”It will take just a few more. Click on the cake again”. Our fairy leaves the screen and comes back driving a huge truck filled with yellow and pink candles, backs up the trunk by the cake and drops the candles perfectly all over the cake. As the truck leaves, the following words appear:”Perfect! now click on the cake to light the candles.” Sweet fairy comes back wearing a protective mask and is holding a flamethrower. She aims the flamethrower at the cake and as the fire comes out, all the candles are lit. She removes her mask smiling and the following words appear:”This birthday sure takes a lot of candles!”. The words fade out and the final banner appears with the words:”Have a Happy Birthday!”
Dumptruck Candles B-day