Cute Birthday Cake

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A red tile roof on a tan building with windows appears amid a blue sky filled with clouds. The camera pans downward to reveal a tree in front of an elegant arched entrance to the building with a sign above double doors that reads "Delicieux Gateaux." Flower boxes with colorful flowers are placed in front of windows on either side of entrance. A woman in a brown early 1900's style dress walks past the double doors holding a purple umbrella. The camera pans into the building to reveal a tiny mouse in chef's clothing pushing a pan into a giant fiery brick oven. Above the oven, two mice standing on a shelf dressed as chefs pour white liquid from a red pitcher into a magenta pan below. Another chef mouse stands on a pink spool of thread stirring the white liquid in the magenta pan. Nearby a mouse in a chef's outfit wearing a purple chef's scarf around his neck stands on the counter next to a rolling pin dipping strawberring in a pink bowl filled with chocolate. He places a strawberry on a conveyor belt, and it travels past a mouse holding a mixing spoon and eating a dipped strawberry. The camera pans to several blue birds holding a three-tiered cake decorated with pink flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. Red birds fly overhead and drop more toppings onto the cake. Two blue birds tie a pink bow and place it on the bottom tier of the cake. The video ends when a blue and magenta banner with the words "Happy Birthday" appears above the cake.
Cute Birthday Cake