Cakes on a plane Ecard

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This funny animated ecard begins with the following words: “this birthday… imagine your greatest fear…”. To the next screen with a large pink cake with 3 lit candles appearing… and the following word appears on the dark screen: “cakeaphobia… fear of birthday dessert.” Next we see a plane in midair in a dark sky with lightning. Then inside the plane, we see one person sitting and looking down the aisle. We get closer and the man has big eyes and looks frightened… next we see the large pink cake on a cart rolling down the aisle and we then get a closeup of the man sweating in fear. The cake is now next to him and he yells. We see the cockpit and there is no one flying the plane, the we see a long dark arm reaching for a slice of cake, and a flight attendant sees it and screams! Next, we see the words “cakes on a plane” written in the dark sky and it turns into a bright background with a pink cake and the words happy birthday appear over the cake as the plane flies across and down the screen.
Cakes on a plane Ecard