Birthday Party Pets

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Birthday Party Pets This animated ecard begins, we are inside a house’s opened front door, two legs with sneakers appear and walk out the door and the door closes. We then see the front of the house and as we hear a car leaving, a little dog opens the curtains and looks as the car leaves. In another window, a cat does the same thing. Next, we are in the kitchen where the cat wearing an apron and chef’s hat is making a cake. The dog grabs a piece of the cake with a candle and eats it joyfully. Next. the cat is blowing a party balloon and the dog is caught inside one of the party balloons. Then to the cat is wrapping a gift and the naughty dog pops out of he gift box surprising the cat. The cat is now up a ladder hanging garlands and the dog is pulling on one as he is on the floor wrapped in garlands. The final scene is with both the cat and dog standing, dancing to the music and smiling with gifts, balloons, garlands, confettis and a cake lit with candles at the forefront and a banner above them with the words “happy birthday”.
Birthday Party Pets