Scary Mariachis

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The ecard begins in a cemetery with tombstones with pumpkins carved with scary faces and inside they each have a lit candle, candles lit on the grounds and tombstones, leaves on the ground and a huge yellow moon in the background. The words “Los Scariachis” appear on screen with a halloween like font of white letters with a black outline and the letters look cracked and chipped. Five skeleton come up from the ground, all dressed in black mariachis suits with decorations on their sleeves, white shirt and red neck tie and black sombrero and the main singer wears a black cape and is holding a margarita. One mariachi has a very large black mustache and he plays the guitar next to a lit pumpkin, one plays the trumpet, one the accordion, and one a large Mexican guitar. The mariachi skeleton playing the guitar suddenly farts and catches fire and burns his clothes. The music stops. The main singer turns around and throws his margarita on him to stop the burned up mariachi’s mustache from burning. The margarita looks like green sticky goo as it comes down the mariachi skeleton. All the mariachis begin to play again and our main singer is still holding his empty margarita glass and swings from left to right as the words “Happy Halloween” with the scary halloween font appear on the screen.
Scary Mariachis