Santa's Sleigh Ride

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This lovely Christmas ecard where we are taken on a ride on Santa Sleigh! The card begins with a view from Santa’s seat in his sleigh with the reins sitting atop the front of the sleigh, the reindeers are at a gallop pulling the sleigh in the night sky with a full moon on the horizon and bright lights surround the reindeers. As the sleigh moves through the sky, the bright golden lights show the way and surround the whole sleigh and at times, we see Santa’s mittened hands pulling the reins. The sleigh begins its descent and we come into a snowy clearing with snow covered pine trees then we are flying into a neighborhood with lovely houses decorated with Christmas decorations. The bright golden lights still lead the way as Santa’s sleigh flies over a moving train, and a Merry Christmas sign in moving gold letters appear and soon after, Santa appears with his arms full of Christmas gifts still surrounded by golden lights which all fades out and on the last frame remains the Merry Christmas in golden letters on a lovely green screen with Christmas decorations and ivy around it ending the ecard.
Santa's Sleigh Ride