Scrooge in 30 Seconds

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This is a very funny ecard with a real actor playing Scrooge! This Christmas ecard begin with a beige vintage wallpaper with the words “A Christmas carol” in 30 seconds written on it. On to the next screen with Scrooge wearing a black top hat with his long grey hair to his shoulders showing, silver rimmed glasses, a back lapel jacket, beige shirt and black cravat and in the background and through a window stands a beautiful Christmas tree fully decorated with gifts around it, a white reindeer stuffy with red scarf and a lit fire place…bah humbug! The background changes to an outside scene with a few gorgeously decorated Christmas trees with large red bows and gold ornaments… bah humbug!. Then to a large snowman wearing a black wool hat, scarf and coals as his buttons…bah humbug! Next, the ghost of Jacob Barley of Christmas past appears and says “scrooge”. Scrooge appears and calls his name Jacob Barley to which we go back to Jacob that mimics “call me” with his hand to ear and lips. Next to another Christmas past ghost wearing a white sash hat and holding a candle… “you have been very naughty boy… boo”. Then to a cute looking Santa without a beard, very red cheeks and holding poinsettias… “you have been a very very naughty boy” smiling coyly with his eyebrows moving up and down. Next, the ghost of Christmas past wearing a black hood does not speak but shakes no his white gloved finger. Back to Scrooge saying “its not true!!”. He then changes his black top hat for a Santa Christmas bonnet and smiles away wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Lastly, a hand becomes a puppet in a fist with a face painted on it, blond hair made out of felt and a felt light blue scarf as little Timmy saying God bless us everyone. The final banner appears with the words Merry Christmas in white letters with a thin red border around each letter.
Scrooge in 30 Seconds