Old Tyme 4th of July

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The Old Tyme 4th of July ecard is a sequence of Vintage postcards with quote beginning with a vintage postcard of a cylindrical hot air balloon with “July 4th” written on it and 2 small flying American flags at its top. In the basket in American flag colors and a large American flag at the back are 2 women and 1 man dressed in the late 1800’s period, large dresses and ruffles, top hat for the man in full suit with high collar. The words say “the day we celebrate”. The next frae shows 2 vintage postcards, the first one with a man dressed in red and white striped pants, a blue top coat with stars on it, a top hat with a star ribbon. He holds a large American flag and has one foot on a canon. The words read “give us independence”. The other one has a little boy also dressed in red and white striped pants, a jacket and top hat with a small American flag on it. The boy who looks like he is singing, is standing up on a chair with an American flag laying on it, he holds a book and the words at the top of the postcard read “yankee doodle came to town”. To the next postcard with two American flags hanging in a large wreath with an American eagle in it and the words read “freedom smiles, her fate secure beneath its steadfast stars”. The next frame has 2 vintage postcards the first one with a little boy sitting on the grass holding large firework sticks making the number 4 and at the top there is a banner with the word July, an American Eagle and the next one also has a little boy wearing a marine outfit with hat as he holds an American flag and the words read “Hats off all along the line, when freedoms flag goes goes by!” The final screen shows a vintage postcard with a drum, trumpet, fireworks and a banner saying “yankee doodle came to town” and the final banner says “have a good, old July 4th”.
Old Tyme 4th of July