Catapult 4th of July

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The ecard begins with a view of two houses, one is painted and the other is all white. On the top of the colored house, is a dog with a catapult on the roof. We get a closeup of the dog and his catapult and he fills the catapult with a basket filled with gifts. The dog cranks up the catapult, jumps off the roof and pulls the cord releasing the catapult and the basket flies off through the sky. The basket lands on the unpainted house and the gifts open up into a bbq, lawn chair, kiddy pool, box of fireworks and the whole house is now painted. A long pole appears next to the house and an American flag comes up as flowers pop up on the lawn. Fireworks fly up to the sky and sparkle in the sky with the final banner saying happy 4th of July!
Catapult 4th of July