July 4th Crab Party

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The Crab Summer Party animated ecard is delightfully funny and set on a beach by the ocean with dozens of red, white and blue umbrellas and a few islands on the horizon. A couple of eyes pop up and down from the water and we pan across the beach to see where they have gone to. The eyes pop up from under one of the umbrellas and then disappears again. Next, we are next to an umbrella, picnic basket and we see a hand holding a drink. Something comes out from the basket wearing a red, white and blue top hat and a pair of pincers comes up and cuts the little red, white and blue umbrella in the drink and a crab wearing a red, white and blue shirt pops out holding the umbrella and dances on the sand. We then see dozens of crabs on the beach and in the water holding American flags dancing and celebrating as the final banner appears saying “Happy 4th of July”.
July 4th Crab Party