Mother's Day Flower Garden for Daughter

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This animated ecard is set in a small and lovely garden with a table at its center with a white tablecloth and two white ornéed cast iron chairs. Atop the table are 3 gifts boxes, one is yellow with a gold ribbon, one is light pink with a darker pink ribbon and an off white box with purple ribbon. The garden is surrounded with lilac bushes and lily bushes yet to bloom, and at the right of the screen is a white column wrapped in wisteria flowers. We get a closeup of the 3 gifts and the words presents for you in purple letters appear at the bottom of the screen. The top of the pink box lifts off and disappears leaving a lovely blue English tea pot and 4 cups and saucers. Sparkles are all over the set and by magic, the set moves on the table setting it for 4 people. The yellow box opens up and disappears and here are 4 plates matching the tea set and a plate full of pink and purple cupcakes on a high plate. Magic sparkles appear once again and the plates move to the 4 settings and one by one, cupcakes slide over to each plate and lands on it. The off white box opens up and disappears as well and out of it are a beautiful purple and pink tulip and irises bouquet with a gold color envelope with a heart sticker. The sticker lifts off, the envelope opens and the card with two yellow daisies at opposite corners of the card comes out at an angle, becomes bigger on the screen and the words in purple letters “from me (the me swells up and back to its size) to you (the you swells up and back to its size) and under the words happy mother’s day appears. The words Happy Mother’s day lift off from the card (the card disappears) and move to the top of the screen in large letters with the words happy mother’s day! daughter.