Mothers Day Love & Warmth

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This lovely Mothers day love & warmth ecard is a sequence of photos and prose, beginning with a beautiful pink cherry blossom branch and the words are “a gentle scented breeze welcomes this glorious day”. Next, a photo of a small bird’s nest with 3 small eggs the nest is resting on a spread of pink daisies and the words are “mother’s day, your very own day”. To the next photo of 2 spa towels with two roses on them, a fancy bottle of body oil and a rock candle which is lit and the words re “may it be filled with delightful indulgences”. Next, a lovely plate and fork with a strawberry shortcake with whipped cream on top and a matching tea pot and the words say “and your favorite sweet delicacy”. The words change to “but most of all…” and we move to the final frame with pink tulips laid on a table and the words are “may it be filled with love & warmth”.
Mothers Day Love & Warmth