To My Beautiful Daughter

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This mother’s day “to my beautiful daughter” ecard is a sequence of photo and prose beginning with a photo of pansies in tall grass and the sun is shining. The words say “with the first rays of sunshines I know today is a special day…” The next photo is of a birds nest with 4 blue eggs inside and the words say “today, we celebrate Mothers, today, we celebrate You…” The next photo is of a breakfast tray on a table and on the tray are strawberries, croissant, hard boiled egg, orange juice and coffee and the words say “may your day be filled with charm…” The next photo is of a pink cherry blossoms on a branch over a pond and the words say “may it be filled with loveliness…” Next, a photo of two lovely macaroons on a flower shaped dish and a branch of cherry blossoms crosses it. The words are “and all the thoughtfulness in the world”. Next is a photo of a lovely deep pink chrysanthemum and another one in the background. The words say “Today, I celebrate You” and then under appear the words “Happy Mother’s Day”.
To My Beautiful Daughter