Enchanting Mothers Day for You

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This enchanting mothers day for you ecard is a sequence of photos and prose beginning with a photo of several colorful and beautiful tulips in a stream of water and the words read “on this mothers day my with for you…”. To the next lovely photo of a vintage massage oil bottle, a small bucket of lavender and bowl of small amethyst crystals. The words read “a well deserved day of delectable pampering”. Next, a photo of a lemon meringue pie on a plate with a slice of lemon and mint leaf on the side and the words read “lovingly topped with your favorite treat.” Next is a photo of a beautiful teacup, saucer, milk jug and tea pot on a table with flowers decorating the table. The words read “and sprinkled with sweet and peaceful moments”. The next photo shows lovely flowers and greenery in water and the words read “wishing you an enchanting mother’s day!”
Enchanting Mothers Day for You