Invisible Man & Gal Get It On

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We are in a living room with a fireplace and halloween decorations all around, carved pumpkins, spider webs are on a hanging candelabra, a skull and candy corn on side tables. As the front door rings, a man mummy wearing sunglasses, a fancy light blue bathrobe and pajama and green cravat appears at the left side of the screen as the front doorbell rings. He goes to the door and opens it and as he opens it, a lady mummy sexy leg comes up through the door and she pops right in next to the man mummy wearing sunglasses as well, a navy raincoat and hat. The door closes and they both dash for the living room where the lady mummy sexily takes her raincoat off as the man mummy watches and then she drops it to the floor. The man mummy sees the top of a mummy bandage sticking up from her shoulder, he pulls at it and the lady mummy rolls around at the speed of light to reveal her sexy red and black lingerie over her invisible body. This makes the man mommy sweat and lady mummy also pulls the bandage off him to show his sunglasses, cravat and yellow thong. Lady mummy pulls him over by his cravat as every piece of clothing falls off their invisible bodies, we see furniture falling to the side, cushions flying up in the air as they engage in love making all around the living room. The final banner appears with the words happy halloween to my little treat!
Invisible Man & Gal Get It On