Teddy Bear Christmas

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This beautifully animated ecard begins with a view on a living room at night. There is a Christmas tree not decorated, an unlit fireplace with 2 candles on each end of the mantle and a teddy bear painting over the mantle. There are 2 windows at each side of the scene where we can see the outside night lights and the snow falling gently. The 2 candles on the mantle light up, brightening the room and from the right side of the screen, a cute teddy bear girl wearing a pink tutu and holding a magic wand ballet dances her way in the room and pauses in front of the Christmas tree. From the left side of the screen, a boy teddy bear also dances his way in wearing a blue jacket with white fur like trim, he has a white beard and a little blue and gold crown at the top of his head. Both the teddy bears dance and cross one another and with a swish of her wand, the girl teddy bear lights up the fireplace. Then as she makes a ballet jump and swishes her wand again, three red Christmas stockings with white fur like trim appear on the mantle and are filled with goodies. Both our teddy bears begin dancing once again and the boy teddy bear lifts the teddy bear girl in a beautiful ballet jump and while up in the air, the teddy bear girl swishes her wand and by magic, the Christmas tree is fully decorated with Christmas ornaments, candy canes and lights. With another swish of her wand as they continue to dance, gifts appear under the tree. Teddy bear boy picks up Teddy bear girl in a ballet lift once again and while up in the air and with a move of her wand, a beautiful star appears at the top of the Christmas tree. Both teddy bears bows and once again by magic, they both turn into teddy bear gifts under the Christmas trees the final banner appears with the words have a delightful Christmas!
Teddy Bear Christmas