Magic Christmas Sleigh Ride

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This wonderful Christmas ecard is set on Christmas night and we are in a snowy forest filled with pine trees with a starry sky and amongst the trees is a doe raising her head as 4 reindeers appear and pulling Santa’s sleigh! Santa is in the sleigh with a huge bag of Christmas gifts and a lantern is hanging at the front of the sleigh. As the sleigh slides by, it leaves a trail of large sparkling snow flakes and a sweet fawn gallops to her mother. More sparkling snow flakes appear and magically, the trees in the forrest are wrapped with beautiful strings of light. To the next scene with a log cabin in the snow in the background, smoke coming out from the chimney as Santa’s sleigh dashes by. More sparkling snowflakes appear and once again beautiful stringed lights wrap all the pine trees as well as log cabin. A beautiful tall and regal buck walks on the scene and the lights inside the log cabin light up. Santa’s sleigh continues its route in the wooded forest and every single tree becomes wrapped with stringed lights. Santa’s sleigh lifts off in the sky and then lands on a large brick house with a Christmas wreath on its front door and pine garland at the edge of each window and the by magic of the sparkling snowflakes, the house is completely covered with stringed lights. We then get a full view of the house and its surroundings and at the front of the house, a tall pine tree is also magically wrapped with Christmas lights, ornaments, white pearl garlands and a stupendous star at the top, shining brightly in the night. In the background we see Santa and his sleigh atop the house and as Santa says Ho! Ho! Ho! we pan upwards towards the starry, snowy sky and the final banner appears with the words wishing you a delightful Christmas.
Magic Christmas Sleigh Ride