Singing Valentine Platypuses

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This ecard begins with a pink background and the words for your Valentine’s day: the three singing platypuses. Moving to the next frame, we see a trio of cute platypuses from their belly upward. They are each wearing a white tuxedo jacket, a pink shirt and pink bowtie. The background is made of painted pink roses in several pink hues. They move lightly while they sing. When one if the platypuses sings happy Valentine, painted roses fly from the bottom of the screen upward. As they begin to sing “happy Valentine’s day” they slide down from the screen and disappear and come back up as they sing “to you” each holding a red heart shaped chocolate box. As they end the song, one platypus blows a kiss with his hand and the final banner appears in white letters at the bottom of the screen with the words happy Valentines Day.
Singing Valentine Platypuses