Singing Chocolate Sisters

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This Valentine’s day ecard begins with a red heart shaped chocolate box with a pink ribbon on top which turns into a stage surrounded with red roses for 3 chocolate truffle singers. One is dark chocolate, one is white chocolate and the third one has the golden foil on her. All three have beautiful eyes, red lips, arms with long purple gloves, legs with purples stockings and red shoes. The dark chocolate truffle is the main singer and she begins to sing with her arms moving side to side and moving to the beat. We get a close up and she winks at us. At chocolate makes you happy, we get a close up of her lips. At the words it’s Valentine’s the two other chocolate truffles stand up and sing together with he dark chocolate truffle as Valentine’s candy with wings and the following words on them: soul mate, ask me, so fine, eat me, love you, yum, I heart you fly above the truffles. Suddenly, one large female hand appears and takes one of the candies, then another, then a third one. The hand tries to take the truffle with the golden foil but the truffle slaps the hand away! We then see all 3 truffles together on stage singing and the candies with wings flying above them and as the song ends, the words wishing you a sweet Valentine’s day appear above them.
Singing Chocolate Sisters