Old Tyme Sweetest Day - Lovers

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This is a series of vintage painted postcards beginning with a straw basket lying on its side with beautiful white flowers coming out of the basket and the words with affection and regard are written in a vintage font at the left top side of the postcard. Next frame will be showing 2 separate postcards one after the other beginning with the first postcard with a little girl wearing a white dress with a red ribbon at the waist, a big white bonnet with red roses on it and red shoes and white socks. One rose sits on her head. A bird is coming towards her holding a white envelope with a heart sticker on it sealing the letter and under the bird and envelope the words for a sweetheart are written in white letters with a red edge. The second postcard appears with a little fairy girl dressed in a red dress, red scarf on her head, pink and peach colored wings and a blue petal like neck scarf. She is standing on a leaf, bending forward looking at bee on a pink clover and clovers with leaves are all around them. Moving on to the next 2 vintage postcards beginning with two young boys dressed in light blue short pants and long sleeve sailboat collar shirts and wings on their back. They are holding a garland of blue flowers with red hearts and ribbons at the tip. The card fades out and the next postcard appears with a little curly brown haired fairy girl wearing a pale yellow dress and laced up sandals and yellow wings on her back standing is a lily of the valley patch. She is holding little bell sticks in each hand and in front of her is a tall lily of the valley flower bending forward and she plays the flowers with her sticks. The image fades out and a gorgeous and large bouquet of red and yellow flowers appears. Fades out and moving to a vintage glass bowl filled with chocolates with almond slivers or caramel on top. The words to my sweet heart appear next to the bowl and then under these words, the words happy sweetest day! appear ending the ecard.
Old Tyme Sweetest Day - Lovers