Max Sweetest Day

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This is an animated ecard with Max, a dark brown Labrador with a red collar and he is sitting on the lawn in front of a beautiful country stone house, a flat rock path to the house, tall trees and green bushes. On the lawn, we can see a rolled up newspaper and a blue watering can. Max gets up, goes to the newspaper, sniffs it, picks it up and brings it up to the house’s front door. Max comes back to sit on the lawn and then, he gets up again and walks to the watering can. He sniffs it, picks it up and goes to the house and waters the planter by the two house windows. As Max waters the planters, flowers bloom in the planters and all around the windows. Max comes back to the front lawn to sit and suddenly, a bush next to him begins to shake. He goes into the bush and pulls back a life size gold Labrador dog on a wheeled platform and barks at it as he wags his tail. Suddenly, the gold Labrador comes to life, jumps off the wheeled platform it was standing on and both Max and his new friend run together around the lawn. As they come back from the right side of the lawn running together and leave the screen at the left side, the final banner in pink letters appears with the words “happy sweetest day to a sweet friend” as Max and his friend run back on screen and sit at the front of the lawn and sit and look at us thus ending the ecard.
Max Sweetest Day