Latasha's 4th of July

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This animated ecard begins with the outside view of a coffee shop with the name Brewed Awakening coffee shop written in large yellow letter on its front window. Next we are inside where Latasha, a lovely African American woman beautifully made up with purple eyeshadow and red lipstick, dressed in a 4th of July themed sleeveless dress with white top with navy blue stars and 2 red stripes, the bottom of the dress is navy blue with white stars and black pumps. She is sitting at her favorite table with a deep blue table cloth her yellow coffee mug with a small American flag in it, a white sugar bowl and milk jug. Across from her we see part of a man sitting on a chair reading his newspaper, a little away from Latasha’s table and facing her. Latasha is very animated; she moves her hands, eyes and head as she speaks. At the end of the ecard there is a final banner in white letters at the bottom of the screen with the words have a safe and happy independence day.
Latasha's 4th of July