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On an airport runway, there are 4 frog musicians each wearing a peach jacket and playing guitar and saxophone. There is a female frog wearing a peach dress and short red hair is also standing on the runway by the musicians as well as another frog male with a blue jacket, black hair and holding a leather golf bag. An airplane with green letters JG for James Green with musical notes has landed on the runway drive by them and when the airplane door opens, fabulous food James Green wearing his golden jacket and has black hair opens the plane door begins to sing and closes down the plane wearing his sunglasses, spinning around towards the lady frog. The frog with the blue jackets hands the golf club bag to James Green who comes forward with his mic and sings away. When James sings time for relaxation, a red car arrives and James Green, his lady friend and his golfing frog assistant get in the car and drive off as the musicians keep on playing next to the plane. Next we see James Green singing and dancing in front of his car with loads of his frog friends hanging around and on the car and his musicians are thee as well with their instruments playing away. As James Green says the weekend, we get a closeup of his face with his sunglasses on his head. After we see him in a lovely blue pond with is lady friend and 3 of his musicians playing as they stand on lily pads. The final banner in white letters at the top of the screen with the words James Green’s TGIF e-card.