Raj's How to Fish, Have a Nice Weekend e-card

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Raj is an elephant with short tusks dressed in a white long sleeved top and matching bottom from India along with a long yellow vest. He holds and plays a sitar and is sitting cross legged on a large purple cushion with tassels and the screen background is lime green. At his left side, there is a mouse sitting on a large piece of cheese holding a fishing rod and fishing in a bucket that is in front of Raj. When Raj says “show him how to fish and he will be drinking beer for hours and hours on end, have a nice day” mouse’s fishing line is tugging and mouse pulls out a case of beer. The final screen appears in lime green with mouse sitting on the large piece of cheese still holding its fishing rod with the case of beer at the end of the fishing rod line. The final banner is in purple letters in English but with an Indian script font and the final banner says have a nice weekend!
Raj's How to Fish, Have a Nice Weekend e-card