James Green's Funky Christmas

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In this ecard we are in a snowy city’s shopping area with stores decorated with Christmas garlands and wreaths with taxes driving on the streets. From afar we can see our frog singer James Green kneeling at a street intersection. We get a closeup of James at the intersection and he is dressed with a red jacket and a red Santa hat with white fur trim. He has 3 musicians dressed with red jackets, white scarves, white earmuffs and brown hats and are playing guitar and saxophone. There are 2 cabs in the intersection and one of his frog pals wearing black hair a blue jacket next to a cab watching James singing, dancing and twirling away. Next we are at the Rockefeller Center skating rink with the Prometheus sculpture and fountain in the background, James singing, swirling and dancing away on the ice, now 4 of his frog musicians playing on the rink, his pal and frog lady friend wearing skates are on the rink skating away. We then see two golden fancy doorknobs and next we are in a beautiful high rise apartment with floor to ceiling windows with Christmas wreaths on them. James and his musicians and friend are together, James singing, dancing and twirling away as his musicians play and move to the beat. His 2 friends are holding glasses and we then get a closeup of James’s face when he sings ho ho ho merry Christmas. Back to the apartment scene where we see a frog butler with a black mustache wearing black coattail with a white bowtie holding a tray with 4 glasses by the fireplace. James has a frog guest wearing a black jacket, black scarf on his head and holds a glass. James twirls in front of them and when he stops, he has a glass in his right hand, still holding his mic in the left hand. The words Happy Holidays! in red letters appear at the top of the screen.